glorious ice cream

Jefferson’s was born out of a passion for glorious, natural food, free of artificial flavours and colours.  We make ice cream in our in-house kitchen every day, using only the freshest ingredients, so that our ice cream is bursting with flavour. Ice cream is the Goddess of fun food, it deserves the best, it demands it.

coffees, waffles and so much more!!

Whilst ice cream is the epicentre of what we do, we also have the finest coffee in Balham, supplied by independent roaster Ozone, organic tea by Joe’s Tea Co, and fresh pastries. We make delicious marshmallow laden warming hot chocolate and freshly cooked waffles. Or take yourself back to your childhood and indulge yourself with a coke float, or try one of our delicious ice cream Sammies?

a place to meet and have fun

Jefferson’s is a meeting place for everyone. With family at our core, we’ve made sure that children’s experiences have been catered for in both the design and the menu. Dogs are very welcome too. In doing so we have created a place where everyone can have fun and feel like a kid again, now isn’t that glorious?


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