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When it comes to ingredients, we source the highest quality that we can. Be they raw, fresh, local, seasonal or organic. We set the bar very high when we started Jefferson’s. We decided from the start to ensure that a variety of tastes and intolerances would be catered for. So, we made our Ice Cream Promise, our own Declaration if you like, that we would use real dairy organic milk, unrefined sugar cane, and only natural colourings and flavours. You may be amazed to learn how many processed, unnatural and powdered concoctions exist in the ice cream industry. We were surprised until we immersed ourselves in studying the art and science of making real ice cream.


Whilst we cannot guarantee there won’t be any cross contamination of allergens either within our kitchen or from our suppliers, our knowledgeable staff will be happy to help advise on any of the ingredients or allergens in any of our foods or drinks. More detailed allergen information will be coming soon.

our partners

We are committed to working with the best suppliers, not just based on quality and freshness of their produce (our priorities), but also whether they share our business ethos. We have carefully selected our partners, some of whom are listed below.


We chose our dairy supplier very carefully, since the quality of our milk and cream is paramount to the flavour of our ice cream and many other items on our menu. We found Allan Reeder’s name came up over and over again, through recommendations, as supplying the best organic milk. They work with the finest and ethical dairy farmers in the UK which was very important to us. Like us they are a family business and are a carbon neutral, something we aspire to at Jefferson’s.


We knew from the beginning Ozone were the perfect partner for our coffee beans. They source and roast their own beans, and what they don’t know about the perfect cup of coffee isn’t worth knowing. They have fun, their staff are bright and helpful, and their coffee is delicious. Based in Shoreditch, and run by three New Zealand friends, they know what it’s like to put quality at the top of the priority list, which resonates so well with us. Oh, and they love our coffee ice cream too, phew!


With a 130-year family history in making cones and biscuits, we knew Antonelli’s would make us the best and most delicious cones in the country. Their knowledge of ice cream is also amazing having worked with so many producers over the decades. Constantly looking to innovate and improve, their product range caters for our customers evolving tastes and intolerances.


When it came to our ice cream equipment, we undertook extensive research. As we are making everything fresh in our on-site kitchen, we demanded equipment that could cope with the density of our product without over processing the delicate ingredients. We decided to partner with Carpigiani as their products are the best available, reliable and technologically advanced. They are innovators in the ice cream industry. Nice to be in the company of forward thinkers!